We at FHDBF are constantly working to seek grants for education, both in and about Sign Language. We want to create svensk_flagga_ikon_697accessibility and participation.
Between the years 2000 to 2013 Nya Broskolan was operated as a project to to meet the needs of students as an academy school that followed the regular nine year national curriculum. (in swedish) (in swedish)

After the pupils have graduated from the elementary school, they’ve wanted to continue their studying in Stockholm. Nya Broskolan has worked with the EUIT secondary school (formerly EDICON) to give the students the best possible qualifications. Nya Broskolan have been providing Sign Language interpreters and support in the core subjects as well as home work support.
The first students at EUIT secondary school began the makings of a web page about their choice of school: (in swedish)

FHDBF recurrently cooperates with ABF (Workers’ Educational Association) and organizes lectures and workshops. More information to come.

Every year before our summer camp and family camp, our leaders and assistant leaders take basic courses arranged by SLS (Swedish Live Saving Society). There they update their skills in first aid, CPR and live saving. Usually there are more available places in the courses, than there are participants. If you, as a member, is interested, keep an eye out here at the front page of the website. The courses are arranged between May and July. First come, first served.


Published 2014-09-23

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