Disability policies

svensk_flagga_ikon_697All pupils in elementary schools, Regardless of their hearing abilities, should be able to learn basic Sign Language. There are about 8 000 – 10 000 people who are deaf since birth or early childhood, and about 30 000 deaf or hard of hearing who communicate through Swedish Sign Language in Sweden today. We believe it is important that everyone in Sweden can communicate with each other. The interest to learn Sign Language exists. What is missing is a political decision.
FHDBF, together with Nya Broskolan, have together decided to start a petition. Over the years we have met people of various ages who have a great interest to learn Sign Language. Sign Language for everyone! You can find the petition at upprop.nu/PPMJ. In May, FHDBF handed over the petition to representatives from the political parties in the Swedish Parliament. Read the political parties feedback here .



Published 2014-09-23

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