About us


The association started in 1993, having previously been part of the HRF’s parent section. It was much easier to operate on our own and to be able to focus on the issues most central to us. The operations are permeated by LSS and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Norrbotten started independent national organizations in 1998.

In the activities we’ve pursued, ranging from swim school that started in Farsta public baths in 1993, to mindfulness, which is current today, our intent was to make available what was requested. To create an oasis where we all have opportunities. The family is at the centre in all of our activities. We want everyone to be able to participate on the same terms.

The association was started because there was a desire for a forum and a haven to meet and support each other. Our goal is to be a network of contacts and to strive for quality. We want to unite families with hard of hearing and deaf children where Sign Language is the link as well as a condition for the meeting. The purpose is to seek to meet the needs of the members, both individually and in groups.

The work of the association is process orientated, in the sense that it is continuously changed and developed according to the demands and needs. We put the family at the centre. All work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We see that there is more that unites than divides the deaf and hard of hearing children and youths. We oppose sorting and would like to leave room for siblings as well as children of deaf and hard of hearing parents. The link is Sign Language and the will to understand each other.


Published 2014-09-23


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